Principles of the Impact Assessment Act (IAA) include:

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Item 1

Fostering sustainability.

Item 2

Promoting communication and cooperation with Indigenous peoples and respecting their rights.

Item 3

Meaningfully engaging with the public and Indigenous groups early and often.

Item 4

Renewing nation-to-nation, Inuit-Crown, and government-to-government relationships.

Item 5

Making decisions based on science and evidence, including Indigenous and community knowledge.

Item 6

Reducing duplication through a one project, one assessment approach.

Item 7

Establishing a fair, predictable, and efficient impact assessment process that enhances Canada’s competitiveness and promotes innovation.

Item 8

Broadening the factors assessed — both positive and adverse — to protect environmental, health, social and economic conditions.

Item 9

Assessing cumulative effects of physical activities.

Item 10

Encouraging improvements to impact assessments through follow-up programs.

Item 11

Creating certainty and predictability through legislated timelines.

What are some of the main issues that may arise when a designated project is proposed?