Module 3 Learning Objectives

After completing this module you will be able to define the Impact Statement phase within the impact assessment process. The module will help you to:

Select each item for more information.

Item 1

Identify the key Impact Statement phase steps in sequence.

Item 2

Identify the key objectives of the Impact Statement phase.

Item 3

Identify what the proponent must do prior to submitting the Impact Statement to the Impact Assessment Agency (the Agency).

Item 4

Differentiate among participant responsibilities throughout the Impact Statement phase.

Item 5

Explain what is included within an Impact Statement.

Item 6

Explain how the Agency determines if information requirements are met.

Item 7

Explain what happens at the end of the Impact Statement phase.

Do you remember?

In Module 1, you were provided with some information about the impact assessment process. Do you remember the key focus of the Impact Statement phase?

Key focus