The Impact Statement provides the proponent’s analysis of the positive and adverse effects as required in the Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines (Guidelines). The impact assessment factors that were scoped and detailed in the Guidelines during the Planning phase are not limited to effects within federal jurisdiction. The proponent’s analysis will include:

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Item 1

Potential effects to valued components, including information about the possible environmental, social, health and economic effects of the project.

Item 2

Potential impacts on Indigenous peoples and their rights.

Item 3

Proposed measures to mitigate adverse effects.

Several guidance documents are provided by the Agency to support the proponent in the analysis of the impact assessment factors. As mentioned, the Guidelines provided to each proponent are tailored specifically for its project and are the primary direction for all information required. However, additional guidance documents are available to provide support to proponents on how impact assessment factors should be integrated in the Impact Statement. These guidance documents can be found in the Practitioner’s Guide to Federal Impact Assessments under the Impact Assessment Act and Policy and Guidance.

Glossary: Effects within Federal Jurisdiction, Impact Assessment Factors, Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines, Valued Component