Module 4 Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to define the processes associated with the Impact Assessment phase. More specifically, you will be able to:

Select each item for more information.

Item 1

Identify who is responsible for conducting an impact assessment.

Item 2

Identify the key steps for an impact assessment conducted by the Impact Assessment Agency (the Agency).

Item 3

Explain what to expect from an impact assessment completed by the Agency.

Item 4

Identify the key objectives of the Impact Assessment phase.

Item 5

Explain the timeline requirements for assessments completed by the Agency.

Item 6

Explain what an impact assessment is based on.

Item 7

Explain what an Impact Assessment Report is.

Item 8

Explain what happens when the Agency submits the Impact Assessment Report and potential conditions to the Minister.

Do you remember?

In Module 1, you learned some fundamental information about the impact assessment process. Do you remember the key focus of the Impact Assessment phase?

Key focus