What is the Impact Assessment Report?

The Impact Assessment Report is a document that supports the public interest determination during the Decision-making phase. The document provides the Minister of Environment and Climate Change or Governor in Council with sufficient information to inform the public interest determination and includes:

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Item 1

Analysis of positive and adverse effects that may be caused by the designated project, taking into account the impact assessment factors outlined in the Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines.

Item 2

Adverse effects within federal jurisdiction and adverse direct or incidental effects (result from federal decisions) and the extent to which those effects are significant.

Item 3

An explanation of how the Agency took into account and used any Indigenous knowledge provided.

Item 4

A summary of any comments received from the public.

Item 5

The Agency’s recommendations with respect to mitigation measures and the follow-up program as well as their rationale and conclusions related to those recommendations.

Remember: The impact assessment process takes into consideration the information and analysis provided by the proponent and associated perspectives from federal authorities, Indigenous groups, experts, the public and other provincial, territorial, or Indigenous jurisdictions.

Glossary: Governor in Council, Impact assessment factors, Direct or incidental effect, Public interest determination