This module introduced you to the Impact Assessment phase. The key summary points are as follows:

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Item 1

The prime focus of Phase 3 of the impact assessment process is the assessment of potential effects and impacts related to a designated project by the Agency, with support from federal authorities and other participants.

Item 2

Impact assessments are conducted either by the Agency or a review panel.

Item 3

An impact assessment by the Agency draws on information provided by the proponent in the Impact Statement.

Item 4

The assessment considers potential environmental, health, social and economic effects of proposed projects, including adverse and positive effects. Potential impacts on Indigenous peoples and their rights are also assessed and consulted upon.

Item 5

The timeline for assessments by the Agency is a maximum of 300 days from the start of the impact assessment phase to the submission of the Impact Assessment Report and potential conditions to the Minister.

Item 6

During the Impact Assessment phase, the Impact Assessment Report and potential conditions are developed.

Item 7

An impact assessment is based on science, Indigenous knowledge, and other sources of evidence provided by the proponent in the Impact Statement, as well as from contributions from the federal authorities, other jurisdictions, Indigenous groups, the public and, where necessary, an external technical review.

Item 8

The Impact Assessment Report is a document that supports the public interest determination during the Decision-making phase. The document provides the Minister of Environment and Climate Change or Governor in Council with enough information to inform the public interest determination.

Item 9

There are 20 factors to be considered in the impact assessment as outlined in the IAA s. 22(1).

Item 10

When the Agency has submitted the final Impact Assessment Report, including the Crown record of consultation, and potential conditions to the Minister, the Impact Assessment Report, or a summary of the report, and potential conditions are posted on the Registry.