Process Overview

An impact assessment can be conducted by the Agency or a Review Panel. For impact assessments conducted by the Agency:

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The Agency provides the Minister with the Impact Assessment Report, including the Crown record of consultation, and potential conditions.


Based on the Impact Assessment Report, and in consideration of the public interest factors, the Minister must determine if the adverse effects of the project within federal jurisdiction, and the adverse direct or incidental effects (resulting from federal decisions), are in the public interest.

  • The Minister may choose to refer the determination to the GIC.
  • If the Minister refers the determination to the GIC, a Notice of Referral and the reasons for the referral are posted to the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry.

Prior to making the determination, either the Minister or the GIC must be satisfied that the Crown duty to consult and accommodate Indigenous peoples has been fulfilled.


Once the determination is made, a Decision Statement is issued by the Minister which includes enforceable conditions.


The Agency posts the Decision Statement to the Registry.

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Glossary: Governor in Council, Conditions