Decision Statement

The Decision Statement informs the proponent of the determination made by the Minister or GIC and it must include:

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The Decision Statement includes enforceable conditions that the proponent must comply with. These include measures to mitigate adverse effects within federal jurisdiction, and adverse direct or incidental effects (resulting from federal decisions), as well as a follow-up program requirements.

For projects regulated by a lifecycle regulator, the decision statements include conditions that are part of the license or certificate issued by the lifecycle regulator.

On the web: Impact Assessment Act, s. 64

Expiry Date

The Minister establishes a time period within which the proponent must substantially begin the project. If the proponent does not substantially begin within that period, then the decision statement will expire. The Minister may extend the period by any reasonable amount of time.

Project description

The Decision Statement includes a description of the project that is current at the time of the determination.

Reasons for the determination

The Decision Statement includes detailed reasons for the determination to ensure transparency and accountability. The reasons must demonstrate that the determination was based on the Impact Assessment Report and that each of the public interest factors was considered.

More information: Amendments