Post-decision Phase Activities – Follow-Up

The purpose of the follow-up program is to:

  • Verify the accuracy of the effects assessment laid out in the Impact Assessment Report
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation measures

The purpose of monitoring, established as part of the follow-up program, is to:

  • Measure the condition of valued components identified during the impact assessment for which there is uncertainty regarding the effects outcomes or the effectiveness of mitigation measures
  • Provide opportunities for Indigenous peoples and local communities to participate in monitoring, where appropriate
  • Encourage continuous improvements to impact assessments

Requirements for the proponent’s implementation of the follow-up program are set out in the conditions included in the Decision Statement.

More information: Further details, including considerations for developing a follow-up program for environmental, health, social or economic effects, as applicable, are available in chapter 26 of the Tailored Impact Statement Guidelines Template for Designated Projects Subject to the Impact Assessment Act.