Module 2 Learning Objectives

In Module 1, you learned some foundational information regarding the Planning phase within the framework of the impact assessment process. This module will provide you with more detail on the Planning phase, including actions required of participants, sequence of tasks, and factors for consideration. Remember: all participants have a role in providing input to documents and contributing to planning the impact assessment.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

Select each item for more information.

item 1

Identify the prime focus of the Planning phase.

item 2

Identify the key questions that need to be answered during the Planning phase.

item 3

Identify the key objectives of the Planning phase.

item 4

Identify the steps of the Planning phase at a very high level.

item 5

Identify when information is posted on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry during the Planning phase.

item 6

Explain the timing associated with the Planning phase.

item 7

Identify which section within the Impact Assessment Act (IAA) outlines the factors to be considered in an impact assessment.

item 8

Identify Planning phase roles and responsibilities.

item 9

Identify the deliverables required through the Planning phase.

Do you remember?

In Module 1, you learned some information about the impact assessment process. Do you remember the key focus of the Planning phase?

Key focus